About Shadowlawn Farms


During the Great Depression, Paul E. Reinhold purchased over 120,000 acres in central Clay County from his friend and business associate JC Penney. In 1932, Paul Reinhold formed Foremost Properties, which was responsible for managing the dairy, cattle and timber operations on the property. Over the next twenty-five years, he sold significant acreage to numerous buyers including the U.S. Government to establish Camp Blanding and to the Gilman Paper Company. Shadowlawn Farms was established in 1943 as the agribusiness subsidiary of Foremost Properties. Eventually, Shadowlawn Farms became the name of the parent company. The company name was changed again in 1968 to Reinhold Corporation, although the land holdings in the Penney Farms area are still known as Shadowlawn Farms. A commercial tree nursery was started in 1987 on the former dairy site and bears the name Shadowlawn Nursery.

Today, Shadowlawn Farms consists of approximately 15,500 acres, of which nearly 6,000 acres is dedicated to growing pine trees using best practice sustainable forest management. Shadowlawn Farms' timber property is certified under The American Tree Farm System. Other operating activities include sod sales, hay sales, borrow pit dirt sales and hunting leases. In 2012, the Company formed Green's Creek Mitigation Bank which currently consists of 2,819 acres held in conservation under agreements with the St. John's River Water Management and the Army Corp. of Engineers. Greens Creek sells mitigation credits to the development community to offset impacts to wetland typically associated with construction projects.

Reinhold Family Vision

The Reinhold Corporation is owned by the family of Paul and Klare Reinhold. The family strives to be good stewards of the Company's assets and to build the family business through long-term, ethical decision making which respects family, employees, community and the environment. In addition the family seeks to expand its philanthropic impact and to promote civic outreach in the spirit of its founders. The family revels in the joyful celebration of family and its heritage.