Environmental Stewardship

Black Creek Deer Management Cooperative

The Black Creek Deer Management Cooperative (BCDMC) is a deer management program initiated in 2009 in an effort to improve the quality of the deer herd and hunting experience on the Shadowlawn Farms’ property. As part of this initiative, the hunt clubs that lease property from Shadowlawn Farms collect and submit detailed harvest and hunter observation data. This data is then analyzed and assessed by a Certified Wildlife Biologist® from Tall Tines Wildlife & Hunting Consultants, Inc. With this information, annual harvest recommendations are made to maintain or improve the quality of the deer herd. All clubs collaborate to achieve common deer management goals across the property. An effective deer management program addresses both buck and doe managements. Collectively, data submitted from all Shadowlawn Farms hunt clubs allow for informed deer management decisions based on trends in data across the entire property. 

The primary deer management goal at Shadowlawn Farms is to produce a quality deer herd with opportunities to harvest mature bucks while maintaining a deer density that allows for high quality hunting experiences. 

Tall Tines Wildlife & Hunting Consultants

Quality Deer Management Association